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Surviving Allergies

Healthy & Happy

Posted on Monday, September 13, 2021

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No one likes to be sick, especially when the warmer months are here. It’s an even bigger pain to watch as your money goes towards refill after refill of allergy medication. Your doctor’s advice is always your best bet, but trying these budget-savvy hacks could lessen your visits and medical expenses.


 Eating allergy-fighting foods


Did you know that there are foods you can include in your diet to help fight allergies? Some of these foods can relieve a dripping nose or watering eyes. Some of the foods you can look out for and include in your diet:


  • Ginger – helps to reduce inflammation (swelling and irritation)
  • Citrus fruit – high in vitamin C and helps reduce irritation of the upper respiratory tract (nose, nasal passage, etc.) caused by pollen
  • Tomatoes – contain high levels of vitamin C and lycopene, which helps quieten systematic allergies
  • Turmeric – an anti-inflammatory that helps lessen swelling and irritation caused by allergies


Bring out the sunnies


Contrary to popular belief, sunglasses aren’t just made to be the perfect finishing touch to an outfit or shield your eyes from the bright sun on those hot summer days. They’re also useful for protecting your eyes from allergy-causing particles that the naked eye can’t see. So the next time you step out, grab your sunnies and shield your eyes from becoming irritated.


 Keep it clean


Washing your hands and keeping them as clean as possible throughout the day is part of the battle won. It reduces the hand-to-face transfer of allergens. In addition to keeping your hands clean, consider taking a shower before heading for bed to cleanse yourself of all bacteria and allergens your clothing may have caught during the day. 


Open up your sinuses


A sinus flush helps to clear out a stuffy nose or flush out the allergens gathered up in the nasal passage. While there is the option of making a home-made solution to flush your sinuses, it’s advised to use the over-the-counter saline solutions.



Avoid the wind


Pollen, one of the major allergens responsible for allergic irritation, travels via birds and insects, but also via wind. Exposing yourself to the wind gives pollen the opportunity to latch onto your clothes, so avoid venturing out when it’s windy if possible.


With these tips, may you find relief from the sniffles, itchy eyes and headaches. Here’s to allergy-free living.