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Safety first: gear up for a South African summer

Healthy & Happy

Posted on Tuesday, December 1, 2020

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Summer means more time spent outdoors. But before you head out to enjoy all things festive, it’s important to put some measures in place to protect yourself, your family and your home.


Here we tell you how to prepare for summer and share safety tips for different situations.


When you’re outdoors


  • Use familiar routes when driving to any location.
  • Wear sunscreen, even when it’s overcast.
  • Reapply sunscreen to exposed skin every two hours (with an SPF of 15 and higher).
  • Wear sunglasses and a hat to protect your eyes and skin.
  • Wear bathing suits with sun-protective material when swimming.
  • Try to avoid direct sun between the 10am and 4pm when the sun’s rays are strongest and most harmful.
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated!

When you’re home
Sun and water damage could result in expensive repairs. Use these home-maintenance tips for weather-damage prevention:


Prevent water damage


  • Check for any leaks near the corners of windows, vents and doors so you can fix them. This could be peeling paint or discolouration.
  • Fit overhangs above exterior doors and windows to protect them from the rain.
  • Avoid aiming water directly towards your house when watering your garden as it could damage the houses’ foundation.


Prevent sun damage


  • Install window coverings such as blinds, drapes and shades – it’s a cost-effective way to sun-proof your home and skin.
  • Rearrange your furniture so that it doesn’t sit in direct sunlight. This will prevent sun damage and keep your furniture in good shape for longer.
  • Tint or add film to your windows to block out the sun’s rays. A tint on your windows darkens them from the outside, but visibility from inside to the outside world remains clear. Film blocks out the sun while still allowing natural light into your home.

When you’re going on holiday


  • Check that all windows and doors are locked before you hit the road.
  • Tell trustworthy neighbours you’re going away so they can be on the lookout.
  • Don’t broadcast the nitty gritties of your holiday plans on social media.Things like dates, destinations, locations etc should stay private. 
  • Install an alarm system and use timers to turn on lights at specific times (make people think someone’s home).
  • Turn off your geyser and any electrical appliances.
  • Lock away any valuable items (e.g. laptops, money, jewellery, etc).
  • Consider a house-sitter – a close friend or relative would be ideal.


When you’re gift/festive-season shopping


  • Keep your grocery list and budget close by; you don’t want to overspend.
  • Make sure your wallet or purse is out of sight. Consider keeping it in a bag or your back pocket.
  • Hold your child’s hand and always accompany them to the bathroom.
  • Don’t leave your valuables in your trolley and make it easy for long fingers to reach.

Avoid carrying large amounts of money. Rather use your debit card for big buys if possible.