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Finding the Right Gym Membership

Healthy & Happy

Posted on Monday, September 13, 2021

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With warmer days making a return and many of us beginning to crawl out of hibernation to get active again, finding a gym membership that fits your budget is crucial. While fitness is the aim, breaking the bank is not. With these tips, you should be able to score the perfect gym contract and still save a buck.



Ask about available discounts


Don’t be shy, ask for a discount. You’ll never know if your gym offers discounts, if you don’t ask. The majority of the time, gyms offer discounts to certain medical aids and specific groups of people, such as over 65s or students. Find out if you qualify for one of these groups and save some moola.



Compare membership options


It’s important to compare the available options before committing to one membership. No pain compares to that of seeing a better deal right after signing the contract, so do your research! Most gyms in South Africa offer trial days/weeks to give possible members a feel of the facilities, so take advantage of those opportunities. Also, gym consultants are there to help. Ask all the questions you can about the packages they offer, what they include and their payment options, they’ll be more than willing to assist.



Medical aid benefits


Do you know all of your medical aid gym benefits? You should enquire with your medical aid scheme to see if they cover the full amount or a percentage of your gym fee, or reward you for signing up at a gym. After all, you’re making better health decisions, shouldn’t you be rewarded?



Pay upfront


Sometimes paying upfront works out to be more affordable than monthly installments. Ask your consultant if any discounts are offered with paying the full year’s gym fee upfront and, if your budget allows, consider paying the full amount as a once-off payment. On top of saving money, you’ll save yourself from the headache, admin and banking fees that come with having another debit order being added to your account.  



Explore your options


While there are many franchise gyms in South Africa that we’ve come to love and trust, don’t overlook the local hidden gems. Those up-and-coming independent gyms and even the gym in your estate/complex are worth investigating. If you still can’t find anything that suits you, this gym directory may be of great use in finding a gym near you.


So now, on top of getting active again, you get to save too! Happy healthy living!