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De-clutter, detox and de-stress

Healthy & Happy

Posted on Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Are you feeling sluggish, listless, overworked? Have you lost your lust for life? Chronic hoarders, fast-food junkies and ‘stressed Erics’… this article is for you.

Maybe it’s time you took a moment to evaluate your life – they often say that the state of your home, your health and stress levels in general may negatively impact your outlook on life, as well as your energy levels. We tend to get caught up in our fast-paced lives and, as a result of the pressure we’re under, we end up letting ourselves go. Depending on the degree to which we do this, the consequences can include illness and disease - sneaking up on us like a thief in the night.


It’s not news that the state of your health is a major contributing factor to the life insurance premium that sooner or later you’ll need to fork out. To ensure that your life cover premium, whether at a basic or advanced level, is kept stable you need to keep an eye on your health, and that could entail many things. To start we’ll examine the importance of de-cluttering, detoxing and de-stressing. 

De-clutter: Get organised

Unless they’re obsessive clean freaks, people rarely like the task of taking stock of the junk collected over time. It’s always sensible to allocate some time to remove the clutter. If you fall in the bracket of people who usually delay this exercise, now is the best time to stop sweeping your clutter under the carpet. Follow these tips to de-clutter like a pro. 

Do it in strides

Consider allocating a week or two to this task, depending on the degree of your clutter situation. The amount of time you have at your disposal daily to clear the clutter, will depend on how much of it you can handle, but it’s best to tough it out and do a minimum 20 minutes of clearing up a day. 

Devise a strategy

Set aside some time to tackle a room in the house, eg: kitchen on Monday, bathroom on Wednesday, and bedrooms over the weekend. Where you choose to start the process will depend on you. People often tend to choose the places that irritate them the most (i.e. could be the first thing they see in the morning i.e. your closet area) as a starting point. The most important part is to just get started, once you have your plan, commit to and execute it. 

However daunting the prospect might seem, the weight that will be lifted once you've taken stock and removed the clutter will find you that much closer, to that mentally healthier you. 

Detox: Get healthy

Besides, clearing up the clutter, detoxing is probably among the many other resolutions on your new year’s 'things to do list'.

For those newbies on the detox bandwagon - don't get too side-tracked by the word - it simply refers to the process used to flush out all those toxins in your body. 

What to do

Health24 has a great two-day detox plan, which should leave you feeling revived mentally and physically. The basic formula for the plan consists of four rules:


Going on a detox type of diet may lead to increased levels of tiredness and so to prepare adequately start off by getting the necessary rest. It might sound a bit drastic, but you may benefit from taking a day off work, to get into the right frame of mind (at the very least consider starting on a Thursday so you have the weekend to relax over). Cut out all the things that often detract you and make relaxing almost impossible, be it putting off your phone or unplugging the TV. See this time as an opportunity to take a timeout from the world. If you're going to be doing anything, it should be for relaxation - go for that facial, you never have time for or a well-deserved massage… you get the picture.


Detoxing has much to do with taking in the right liquids and we're not talking about anything higher grade here, simple H20 will do just fine to start. If you're an avid consumer of juice - go easy on the sugar by diluting the fruit juice of your choice. Should you have one, a juicer would be perfect to explore a bit in the kitchen and test out a few fresh fruit and vegetable juice recipes. The importance of getting the adequate amounts of liquid lies in the fact that the intake thereof serves as an excellent means by which to flush out toxins in the live, kidney and bowel areas.

Dietary fibre

If you can't manage on liquids alone and require more sustenance to get through the day, the best foods to consume during the detox period would include all sources rich in fibre. The best sources include; whole wheat and whole grain products e.g. whole wheat breads, oats, snack breads and crackers but remember - only the whole wheat variety.


It wouldn't be the best idea to detox if you're currently ill. Also remember that considering the base of the diet, it's also advisable to refrain from over exerting yourself by engaging in a number of activities. Last but definitely not least - steer clear of stimulants, coffees, cigarettes (remember that these bad boys will especially see your life cover premiums rising – so if you’re cutting these out for the detox – it may be the most opportune moment to just completely quit), cocoas, fizzy drinks and alcohol.

De-stress: Centre yourself

The process of de-stressing can be fairly easy if only we actually took the time to remember a few important principles. The tricky part comes in with actually following through with these principles. There are times, when you feel so stressed that you start heading down a hill of hopelessness. Try out the steps outlined below whenever you're having one of these moments.

Breathe deeply: Close your eyes and concentrate on every breath in and out, remember - don't hold your breath. Just breathe deep breaths in and out - try to remove all thoughts from your mind and focus on what you're doing.

Go out for a stroll: there's nothing better to put things into perspective than going for a quick ten minute walk, not only does the fresh air do you good, but the movement gets your blood going and keeps you calm. 

Do one thing at a time: This might be a bit difficult for super multi-tasking pros but it could help to learn to do one thing at a time. It will enable you to get more done in less time, as your levels of efficiency often decrease the more preoccupied you are.

Break down your list of things to do into groups: Make groups of 2- 3 and work on those first and then systematically work through the rest.

Go for the minimalist look with the way you set up your schedule: Sometimes we make the mistake of trying to please others and get nudged into doing things we don't want to do or simply don't have the capacity to do. You are allowed to breathe, so make your workload more manageable.

Don't forget the important little things: It's really easy to lose sight of the greater picture. Work obsessed individuals especially may forget that a real world exists out there and that they are actually entitled to their own lives. Spending time with your family and engaging in recreational activities can do wonders for the body, mind and spirit. Do yourselves a favour and remember the little things - it might be good for your health.

If you’ve been looking for a happier, healthier you, we hope you’ve been reading carefully. We’ve equipped you with some good tips on how to de-clutter, detox and de-stress. The ball is now in your court, to actually think Nike and ‘just do it’. Not forgetting that improved levels of physical and mental health could very well see you paying more affordable life insurance premiums. Everyone likes a good deal, so be sure to have your health in good order before you go for an assessment when you’re looking to purchase life cover – it might land you the sweetest deal.