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10 ways to get fit for spring or summer on a budget!

Healthy & Happy

Posted on Thursday, October 2, 2014

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So winter is just about over and it’s time to shed those kilos and get swimsuit ready, but have you left it a little too late and how are you supposed to go about it, without breaking the bank in this kind of time frame? Fear not, we’ve done some digging and sourced some top secret, effective tips you can use to cheat the system and get fighting fit for the big beach reveal in a few weeks. Getting into and staying in shape is something your life insurance company will appreciate as well – possibly in the form of reduced premiums.

Before we begin the list a few words need to be said on diets. Dieting alone takes time and let’s face it, eating healthy over a long-term period is expensive. What we’re looking at here is a kind of life hack to get you fit fast – or at least looking fit in the shortest time possible – and if we’re going to pull this off in a few weeks it means exercise of the energetic variety if you’re up to it. Don’t underestimate the capacity of your body though it’s a machine so prepare to engage engines! 


Run along the beach

Running in loose sand is far more challenging than running on firm concrete. So if we’re trying to pack the most effective workout into the shortest amount of time, and you’re reasonably close to the beach, then this is a more effective use of your time – and hey, it’s much prettier and cheaper than running on a treadmill at your gym.

Get your dog to help you

If you have a medium to large sized dog and it’s still at least in its late middle years then it probably has boundless energy and the desire for your attention and a little recreational activity. Take your pup to the park and run with him/her! Your pooch will help you push your limits – and probably trip you over and/or knock you down occasionally – adding to both the fun and challenge. 

The shop lift

Leave the trolleys in their bay and take nothing but a basket into the store. As you fill it up your muscles will begin to take some strain and you can get the most out of this by trying to occasionally do slight lifts while you’re moving through the aisles. Try not to make it too obvious though or people may decide you’re a bit odd. 

Cut the carbs

You know the drill by now. Carbs form fatty deposits within your body which are stored for when you need to burn energy later, but even when you start exercising again you’ll have a harder time burning off that fat if you keep adding to it. If you’re not sure what foods are the biggest culprits the easiest way to get started is to cut out starch especially those simple carbohydrates i.e. breads, pasta’s and take it easy on refined sugars too, , you know – all the fun stuff. 

Spring clean your house solo

The annual Spring Clean is something which needs to be done around now anyway but if you usually get a spouse or professional to help you clean, cut them out of the equation this time. Sweeping may not do much to tone you up but hard scrubbing at those stubborn stains will certainly work the biceps and various other muscles which show development fast. 

The furniture heist

Forget expensive gym contracts, they’re just there to socially motivate you to do better. Everything you need for our purposes can be found at home and you’ve already paid for it. Hook your ankles under the bed or sofa, lay across the floor and prepare to do some serious crunches. Just don’t drop the couch on yourself or you’ll be claiming on your life insurance and out of the fitness race. Your abs are one of the most difficult areas to show long-term improvement on but a few weeks of this will display a serious improvement as your muscles will now show when you flex at the beach later. 

Power walk everywhere

Do you typically take your car to the shops, to the movies or to work? The work option may not be practical if it’s not close by as you can’t afford to be late every morning but the others should be doable. It’s not just a matter of walking though, you need to set a very brisk pace and maintain it for at least 10 minutes – 20 would be better. Keep up the pace and it’ll be as effective as jogging, and you’d actually be saving on petrol money. 

Game of Thrones march

Have a favourite series or show that you spend regular time viewing? Well whoever said TV is bad for you never considered that you’d be conducting an on the spot forced march. Keep your balance and try to get your knees up as high as you can with each step without pulling something. If it helps you can yell “where are my dragons, where are my dragons?!” in an angry fashion to self-motivate. 

Borrow a workout DVD

At least a few of your friends will doubtless have a workout video or two which you can borrow to give yourself ideas. They won’t cost a thing and they can be great motivators. If you don’t have any fit friends then there’s always Youtube . . . and you might consider asking those friends to join you. 

The sweetest arm curl

Instead of forking over money on gym equipment buy the biggest bag of sugar you can find (remember you’re not allowed to eat it so you may as well get something out of it) or just fill a bucket with sand and do a few sets of arm curls a day. You’ll quickly develop your biceps and quadriceps if they haven’t been doing much over the winter. 

And there we have it. Combine these and you should have a pretty effective spring/summer fitness hack. At the very least you will appear to be in much better shape than you really are, just in time to pull off that swimsuit look at the beach. Once you’ve got this momentum going though it would be a shame to waste it, keep it up, improve on your routine, the better your health status, the stronger the possibility is that your insurance company might decrease your premiums – saving you more money.