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Upgrading Your Wardrobe on a Budget

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Posted on Friday, April 9, 2021

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Clothing inventory


Have you ever misplaced an item of clothing and been convinced it was gone forever, only to find it at the back of your wardrobe? Before you think about shopping, do a recon of all your clothes. It’s important that you take stock of what is in your wardrobe.


  • Remove all clothes from the wardrobe.
  • Create three piles for items to ‘keep’, ‘sell’ or ‘give away’.
  • Try on each item and determine whether it's fit to keep, sell or give away.
  • Place the items in the relevant box or pile.


Get rid of it


That pair of jeans you won’t let go of because you’re convinced you can shed enough weight to fit into it again? Get rid of it. Embrace your present body! Gather all those items that no longer fit and drop them off at your nearest Salvation Army or shelter.


Sell your preloved items


If your second-hand clothes are still in great condition, consider selling them to make an extra buck. In the technologically advanced world we live in, selling things on digital platforms is easy. Here are some digital spaces to look into:



Window-shopping online


Window-shopping is the perfect way to visualise what you want your new wardrobe to look like. The models on the online stores make it easier for you to find just what you’re looking for because they give you a visual representation of the clothes’ cut and style and what they might look like on you, compared to going through lots of racks in the mall and not finding anything you like. Note down all your wish-list items and let that be your guide for what to look for when you start shopping.


Look out for sales


There really is no reason to buy anything at full price when there are sales. Wait for the next public holiday and you’re sure to find a few sales. You can also add your favourite items to your wish list and patiently wait for that mid-season or end-of-season sale. 


Thrift shop


If you’d rather not go the route of selling your second-hand clothes online, take them to a nearby thrift shop and drop them off. It’ll also give you an opportunity to browse through the shop and see whether there are any pieces that catch your eye. If you’re looking to find original and unique pieces, thrift-shopping is the way to go. There are benefits to buying from thrift stores:


  • You’ll find designer pieces for a fraction of their original price.
  • You can create a wardrobe style unique to you.
  • You save more money with thrift-shop purchases.
  • You can avoid the mall.
  • The proceeds from your buys are likely to go to a charity.


Have a look at the ‘Sell your preloved items’section of this article to get an idea of some of the available digital thrift shops.


Minimal is more


Choosing clothes that are minimalist in design, with less detail, makes it possible for you to carry pieces over from one season to another. These are what are referred to as ‘staple wardrobe pieces’, items your wardrobe needs to have. Going minimal means choosing items that are simple in colour and style. Another benefit to this choice of style is that it’s easier to accessorise.


Revamping your wardrobe is the process of rediscovering a part of who you are. Have fun with it!