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Nelson Mandela Day – Spreading Kindness

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Posted on Tuesday, July 6, 2021

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‘I believe that in the end, that it is kindness and accommodation that are all the catalysts for real change.’ – Nelson Mandela  

Very few things compare to the feeling of making a positive difference in someone else’s life and putting a smile on their face. Tat’ uMandela was a living example of this phenomenon. It makes you aware of the blessings you have. The best part when you spread kindness is that it doesn’t have to break the bank.


Volunteer your time


Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a difference in someone’s life. Where possible, visit your lonely neighbour and break bread with them. Head over to the nearest children’s or old-age home and lend a helping hand by, for example, repainting the walls, tidying up the garden or simply lending a listening ear. The very things we are blessed to have and take for granted are what others dream of having or no longer have.


If safety is a concern, gather your kids and let them express their creative sides. Spread love by writing letters to or making cards for random people. Make them feel special and remind them that they are valuable. Hand the letters and cards out at a shopping centre or drop them in letterboxes in your neighbourhood.


Give it away


If you don’t have time to volunteer, there’s always donating. You surely have a pile of items you no longer wear or use. Why not clear some space and put those items to good use? If it is clothing you’re giving away, always empty out the pockets and inspect the items to make sure they are in good condition, clean and fresh smelling. The saying goes that giving makes room for more, so don’t be shy.


Run a food drive


Gather family, friends and neighbours to join in on donating and contributing to the drive for a particular community or organisation in need. Spread the word by handing out flyers (hard copies or electronic copies). Be sure to communicate the chosen organisation, your aim, a contact number, a due date and drop-off place.

Support an organisation


There are a number of existing organisations that are already doing the work. If running your own initiative seems a little intimidating, consider assisting or collaborating with people who have experience. Here are some organisations to consider:


Get the kids involved


Kids can volunteer too. Grab the kids, some bin bags, gloves, masks and old T-shirts and walk around the neighbourhood picking up rubbish. It’s a smart way to squeeze some exercise in while doing something for your community. Alternatively, have a conversation with the kids about letting go of the toys they no longer play with. Gather up the toys and take them to a children’s home.