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How to Prepare for a DIY Christmas Celebration

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Posted on Monday, December 6, 2021

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Struggling to get into the Christmas spirit due to financial woes? Here’s how to plan an affordable DIY Christmas celebration.


’Tis the season to spend time with family and friends, and what better way than with a party? If you’re feeling the year-end pinch, don’t worry. Throwing a DIY Christmas celebration is the perfect way to create an affordable experience. Read on for tips to get started.


Keep it intimate
Reduce the stress and your budget by hosting only close family and friends. Try to limit the number to 10 people. With a smaller group, there’ll be more space to move around, plenty of food to go around and quality time. You can just include those you live with too, which would be even easier. With a looming fourth wave of the pandemic, a smaller group also helps ensure plenty of room for social distancing and COVID-19 best practices.


Try DIY Christmas decorations
Bond with your kids or have a pre-gathering to make decorations. Some crafting tools you’ll need are:

  • toilet rolls
  • coloured paper
  • cardboard
  • scissors and glue
  • empty containers
  • paint and colour markers
  • pieces of cloth and felt

Check YouTube or Pinterest for some inspiration and get started!


Do secret Santa gifts

A fun, value-based solution to overpriced Christmas gifts is secret Santa. Before the celebration, decide on the gift-value cap (e.g. R200). Everyone could pull a name from a hat to ensure that everyone receives a gift. You could place all the gifts under a tree or do a gift exchange and reveal the gifter after lunch.


Have a bring-and-buffet
An easy way to save on the Christmas feast is to ask everyone to contribute a dish. This could be meals, snacks and even dessert. Make sure everyone lets you know what they’re bringing beforehand to avoid duplication. Create a list to keep track of this. Besides food, you could ask everyone to bring items like cutlery, plates and tablecloths too, so you don’t have to purchase more.

Set up a mocktail bar

Alcohol can be pricey, so why not skip it and make home-made mocktails instead? These non-alcoholic drinks are more budget-friendly – they’re all about the fun of a cocktail without the price tag. Choose two to three types of drinks and provide soft drinks too. The best part? You get to play bartender! All you need are some flavourings, sliced fruit, sparkling water and coloured syrups.


Get creative with technology

Capturing memories doesn’t have to be expensive. Use your smartphone to create a DIY photo booth. Set it up on a tripod and have everyone take turns shooting family and group portraits and videos. The best thing about it is everyone can be in the pictures! Some apps and tools that can help you package your snaps and videos are:

You can turn the fun up a notch by wearing funny hats and matching clothing items. For more Christmas and DIY tips, visit our blog.