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Hobbies making money!

Entertainment for you

Posted on Thursday, January 21, 2016

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We’ve all had moments where we need a little extra cash to see us through until the next payday. These are moments where you realise your regular income just isn’t enough to cover all your expenses. So, what can you do to get over this hurdle?

Get a second job, perhaps? This isn’t always a viable option.

Luckily, you’ve got your hobbies. Not only do they give you something relaxing to do in your spare time, relieving stress and occupying your mind, but if you go about it smartly they can also earn you extra income!

So with that said, let’s explore some hobbies that might be the answer to your money troubles and help you earn extra income from something you simply love doing:


There are pretty interesting job opportunities you can do from home hiding all over the internet; all you need to do is look. One of those jobs is online writing or blogging. If you’re a passionate writer or have any interest, which you can document, then you can leverage this to earn extra income. You can also try writing reviews about hotels, stores and product launches, or documenting your experiences.

Graphic Design

Almost everyone in the business sector requires the services of a graphic designer for presentations, logos, as well for marketing material etc. If you have some (above average) designing skills, advertise your services or search on job sites for freelance work. You should also put a portfolio together, which you can advertise on sites such as, which will advertise your services, then all you have to do is wait by the phone for your first client.  

Baking or cooking

Are you always complimented on your baking and cooking skills? Then you could start a small side business supplying your baked goods or cooking services. Create flyers, a website, or even a Facebook page to advertise your baking and cooking services. You can even try teaching cooking classes.


If taking pictures is your passion, then look into turning this into a source of extra income. You can place your photos on stock image sites such as Shutterstock where you can charge people to use them. Start out by taking pictures of events such as birthdays, graduations and anniversaries etc.  for family and friends for a fee, this will help build your customer base (and portfolio) who could then refer you to more customers. Just remember to make sure all your camera equipment is covered with Portable Possessions Insurance, so that you’re ready for emergencies. It’s also important to note that should you start using your equipment to generate a notable income i.e. for business, you need to take out Business Insurance.

Craft Making

If you enjoy making crafts of any kind, from jewellery, sewing, printing, painting, beading, pottery making, weaving, moulding and sculpting etc. you could be sitting on a potential income generator.  Everybody loves having unique pieces of art in their home and they love having a unique item of clothing or jewellery that is unique, so get crafting and selling. If you don’t know of anyone who you can sell your wares to locally, you could simply upload and post your goods on to showcase your crafts to the public.

These are just some hobby ideas that can make you money, but they’re by no means the only ones. There are countless others out there, all you have to do is take a look at what you enjoy doing in your spare time and see how you can turn it into an income.