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Easter Holidays: Budget-friendly fun

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Posted on Tuesday, March 30, 2021

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Easter holidays plus your loved ones is the perfect combo for some wholesome fun. And best of all, it’s the perfect time for an Easter egg hunt too. Sweet treats, decorations and Easter-themed snacks can make quite a dent in your pocket, though.


Here are some ideas to make this Easter a memorable and affordable one.


Cash in on sales

Keep your eyes peeled for sales leading up to Easter, particularly on chocolate, sweets and even actual eggs. Easter-themed goodies are usually on sale too and often starting a few weeks before the Easter weekend. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are great for spotting flash sales or notifications for supermarket sales. Create an Easter budget and stick to it, prioritising the most important items. Only once those are taken care of should you consider the splurges


Make it a group effort

If you’re hosting a dinner party at home, ask everyone who’s invited to bring a dish. If it’s an Easter egg hunt, all the parents can bring some treats. Decorations and crafting items can be divided between everyone. Share the list of what everyone is bringing among guests so there aren’t any duplicates.


Remember to host the dinner or egg hunt outdoors if possible and to maintain a distance of at least 2m between tables for those coming from separate households. Everyone should also wear their mask and bring their own cutlery


Have brunch instead of dinner

Most of the time what you need to make breakfast is far cheaper than supper ingredients. So if you’re having a family meal, consider making it a brunch or breakfast. For example, eggs and bread are inexpensive and you can make delicious French toast with those two items alone. You can double up on savings by baking favourites like hot cross buns instead of buying packaged ones from the supermarket.


Have a budget-friendly Easter egg hunt

Fun doesn’t have to mean emptying your pockets:


  • Real or wooden eggs can be pricey, so use plastic eggs instead. Fill the plastic eggs with sweets, mini chocolates and other small items like stickers and toys.
  • Have a craft table for the older kids to paint Easter-themed items. For decorations, paint, paper, cardboard, old magazines or newspapers, glue and glitter are enough and won’t break the bank.
  • Ask the kids’ parents to bring their own baskets for the hunt.


Celebrate with an experience

New experiences are priceless, so why not hit the road or try something new this Easter? If you’ll be home or with extended family, you could have Easter games like ‘egg on the spoon races’, an Easter-egg-decorating contest or an Easter-themed movie night – great movie choices include Rise of the Guardians, Peter Rabbit and The Dog Who Saved Easter. If you’d prefer getting out of the house during the Easter weekend, take a road trip. Before you go, consider lockdown regulations like social distancing, wearing your mask in public spaces and sanitising. Ensure you’ve filled up your tank with enough fuel, and use a checklist to make certain you’ve packed everything you need. And remember, take lots of pictures because experiences make the best memories.