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8 cheap ways to keep kids entertained in the holidays

Entertainment for you

Posted on Thursday, June 19, 2014

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Keeping kids entertained in the holidays doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. Here are some tips on inexpensive ways to keep them occupied and happy…

Play games

Even though kids have so many electronic ways of entertaining themselves, you don’t want them staring at the TV all day. So take out the board games. They might be a bit low-tech, but kids still love playing games like Pictionary or 30 Seconds.


Plan a treasure hunt

Appeal to their sense of mystery, with the promise of rewards, by hiding clues in the garden or around the house, eventually leading to some kind of treat. They can play cooperatively or compete against each other (although we would advise that, if you choose the latter option, you make sure each one gets some kind of treat at the end!).

Get into the kitchen

Most kids love making all kinds of interesting and appetising knick-knacks. Go online and find some fun recipes for them to try out. They’ll get as much fun out of preparing everything as they will from eating it. And, of course, you can make the most affordable ingredients go a long way.

Go camping – in the garden!

It’s an adventure without the travel or the hassle. You’ll have to wait for the summer holidays for this one (or dress walmly for winter camp-outs), but it’s always a great idea to pitch a tent in the garden and sleep there overnight. If you’re feeling brave, why not join the kids? 

Grab some balls

Ball games remain firm favourites with the little ones - remember four-square? Any ball will do, as long as you find a way of making it both fun and interesting. It could even just be passing a rugby ball around or kicking a soccer ball to each other. Incentivise the game with sweets or stars for the choir charts. 

Make reading fun!

Even if your kids are a little old for bedtime stories, it doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy an entertaining book. So many kids don’t read anymore. Get the kids to act out their favourite stories by putting on plays for you and your friends! 


Google is your friend here – you can find dozens of interesting crafting ideas/tips online. The materials don’t have to be expensive; in fact, you probably have many of them lying around the house! Crafting can keep kids occupied for hours on end, and they’ll have things to be proud of afterwards.

Plant a garden

You can kill a few birds with one stone with this one: educating your kids, keeping them occupied, and having home-grown vegetables for your meals. Get a few packets of vegetable or flower seeds and give them each a little patch of garden to take care of. They’ll also be learning how to tend to something as it grows, and get the satisfaction of seeing the fruits of their labour.