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10 things to do for free in the city

Entertainment for you

Posted on Monday, May 26, 2014

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Keeping yourself entertained in a city can be expensive. Here are some interesting and enjoyable things you can do for free, no matter what city you live in…

Walk in a park

Walking is an excellent form of exercise and a great stress-reliever too. Most cities have parks or botanical gardens that you can walk around. You’ll find that regular walks will generally enhance your quality of life.


Watch sport at local clubs

You don’t have to spend money to watch live sport. Very few sports clubs charge spectators. So pick a sport, find your nearest club and take yourself down there on a Saturday morning - it’s free and fun!

Go window-shopping

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as losing yourself in a bookstore or an antique shop (or any other shop that takes your interest). You don’t have to buy anything – it can be just as rewarding to simply browse around.

Get together with friends at public entertainment areas

All cities have areas where you can meet friends to play frisbee or touch rugby, or have a picnic and play some backgammon. These can be some of the most enjoyable days you spend outdoors. 

Go to a quiz night

Many local pubs have regular quiz nights, and most of them are free to enter. Of course you may spend some money on dinner or drinks, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Organise a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts – where you have a set of clues in different places, each leading to the next one – can be a lot of fun. Set up a regular treasure hunt with friends, taking turns to be the one devising the clues. It’s a great way of exploring and getting to know the city you live in. 

Tour the architecture

All cities have history – especially architectural history. Do some online research about the architectural heritage of your city, and then go and look at the buildings. There are always fascinating stories behind the architecture and both Joburg and Cape Town have guided walking tours that you can join.

Get a different perspective

Find some great places from which to view the city landscape. Tall buildings or hills offer a completely new perspective on a city and can give you a deeper appreciation of where you live.

Get on your bike

Bicycling is a great way of exploring your city and fit in some exercise too. Of course you need to be careful of traffic but, if you ask around, you’ll easily find fellow bikers who can recommend some good routes. Why not join a biking club in your area/suburb?

Go to author talks

Many venues host free talks given by book authors. Because these are usually designed to market their books, they don’t charge entrance fees. They can be a fascinating way to spend a few hours and learn something new in the process.