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Social media features to help boost your business

We're all Business

Posted on Thursday, October 29, 2020

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Has your social media engagement dropped? Or are you wondering how you can get the most out of social media for your business?


From Instagram Reels to Facebook Shops, there are many social media features that could help you give your business’s social media presence a boost.


Here are a few platforms and some unique features you should consider using.


Platform: Facebook


Feature: ‘Book Now’ button
The ‘Book Now’ button is much more than it sounds. It allows your audience to use your page as a one-stop space for booking appointments, which are automatically synced with your page’s calendar, and only the page administrators can access it. Your customers will receive automatic appointment reminders via Facebook Messenger or texts, and you can keep track of their details with your Facebook Contacts list.


Feature: Facebook Shops
TheFacebook Shops feature launched fairly recently on Facebook for Business and it allows you to showcase your products directly from your page. You can add six to 30 products in a collection, with a cover image to give your customers an idea of what you are selling. You can customise your shop with your brand’s colours and visuals to personalise it. It’s important to note that some features are not yet available in South Africa, such as the checkout feature, which allows you to make the purchase directly through Facebook. Instead, customers can save items they are interested in and purchase them on your website.


Platform: Instagram


Feature: Reels
InstagramReels allows you to record 15-second multi-clip videos with effects, text and audio. Once posted, Reels are shared in your feed as well as via the Explore Tab, which ensures a wider audience reach. You can post behind-the-scenes content via Reels to show your audience your brand’s day-to-day activities, which can strengthen your relationship with them, since they’ll get the inside scoop.

You can also post your brand story on Reels, which is a fun way to give your audience insight into who you are, with audio, video and old photos showing your journey. Reels can also be used to post fun, educational content where you use your expertise to teach your followers new skills. For example, if you own a bakery, you can do short recipe how-to Reels, giving your audience value for being a follower.

Feature: Instagram Highlights feature
Instagram Highlights allows you to feature Instagram stories of your choice permanently. This means if you add a story to a highlight, it will be visible until you decide to remove it. This is a great way to keep your most successful stories running, but also an opportunity for your business to advertise important information. You could create highlights featuring popular products, previous or upcoming events, your business’s day-to-day happenings or other useful information.


Platform: LinkedIn

Feature: New hiring tools for remote work
LinkedIn rolled out a new way of hiring remotely where when posting jobs on LinkedIn Jobs, you can set a job’s location as ‘remote’ on the poster. This is beneficial if you are looking to hire remote staff and if you’d like to widen the talent pool. Furthermore, if you are actively hiring staff, you’ll also be able to review all applications on one screen. And best of all, these tools will be available on the LinkedIn app, as well as on mobile and desktop, so you can take care of the hiring process on the go.


Feature: LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a platform where you can take online courses ranging from IT, project management, content creation, editing and design. There are many free courses and if you’d like to test the paid version, you can do a free trial for a month. This is useful, as you can upskill yourself or sharpen existing skills to ensure you are providing your clients with quality services. There are even courses you can do within 30 minutes, so pick a course and start today!