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Productivity hacks for business owners

We're all Business

Posted on Friday, March 4, 2016

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Litres of coffee, dustbins full of chips packets and take-away boxes, never-ending late nights, mornings so early you might as well have not bothered going to bed – to anyone who has ever started a business, this sounds like the biography of their lives. Indeed, few people can say that starting a business wasn’t challenging, and even after many years of turning a profit, there will always be long nights spent worrying no matter how much business insurance you’ve got.

However, whether you’re everyone’s favourite grocer after offering years of service, or trying to find your niche in a busy market, there are some tips and tricks to make your life a little easier. Read on to find out what these are. 

Stay well-rested

Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can severely hamper a person’s ability to function. It affects our mood and our ability to focus. While the pile of work you need to get through may seem daunting, you’re probably going to get through it quicker (and more effectively) if you give yourself those few extra hours of sleep rather than burning the midnight oil to get it finished.

Limit your social media use

This point makes it onto just about every productive activities list, so you’re bound to have heard it before. It’s vital to wean yourself off social media because, unless the majority of your leads come from social networks, they’re wasting valuable work time.

Stick to the agenda

No matter what you do for a living, there are bound to be aspects of your work you don’t like, and for many people, the worst part is meetings. If you need to schedule or attend a meeting, make sure that all attendees have a clear idea of the agenda before you agree to attend. Also, ensure that a time is set for the meeting and that it’s not exceeded. Just think of how much work you could get done, if you remained firm on these points.

Watch what you eat

Those on-the-go meals and chip packets are not doing hard-working business owners any favours. A quick stop at the garage on the way to your next meeting or having a fast-food burger delivered to your office may feel like you’re saving a lot of time, but these foods are offering your body short-term nutritional benefits. Rather than giving you sustained energy, they’re causing a spike in energy, and what goes up must come down. You’ll feel great for a little while, but you’ll find yourself crashing soon enough. If you need to snack, replacing doughnuts with regular nuts will help you gain and retain energy.

Make lists

Whether you’re old-fashioned and like a physical diary or notepad, or you do better with digital reminders telling you what needs to get done, make sure you’ve got your tasks ordered hierarchically. Place the most imperative tasks at the top of your list and work through them (one at a time).

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