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COVID-19: How to support a small business

We're all Business

Posted on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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Most are struggling financially at the moment as a result of the lockdown. This hasn’t only affected their income, but their employee’s pockets too. Fortunately, by supporting a small business owner, you could help ease the pinch.

You may not be on the frontline like healthcare personnel and other essential-services workers, but you can still make a difference. Here’s how to support a local business:


Join in online


From working out to therapy and even part-time classes, many activities that were previously done in person could easily continue through video calls. Reach out to your service providers or other local businesses and ask if their services have been adapted to ‘the new normal’ and are available online. If you can afford it, support them by joining in from home!


Buy now, receive later


Many online stores don’t have delivery options at the moment, so you won’t be able to receive many of your purchases. This shouldn’t stop you from making purchases though, if you can afford to do so.


Purchasing items or gift cards online from a small local business is an immediate way to add to their cash flow. This is a win-win option, as they will earn an income and you’ll still receive your purchases at a later stage.


Skip on refunds


If terms and conditions state that you may be entitled to a full refund if a certain show or service has been cancelled, not accepting one during the coronavirus outbreak could help support a local business. If you can afford it, see what options they can offer instead.


For instance, ask entertainers (e.g. local comedians or singers), if any of their shows will still be available online. Or if you can use your ticket towards an event at a later date once the crisis has been contained. The same goes for refunds for bookings with photographers, florists and caters. Postpone bookings instead of cancelling, or offer the price of the service as a donation.


Share, like, comment


By now you should know the power of social media. Help a small business by asking how everyone can offer support and share the information with your followers. Share, like and comment on their posts to help them get the word out. Leave positive reviews on their websites or social media pages too, which could encourage others to make purchases from or do business with them.