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How to hire the best people for your business

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Posted on Monday, February 12, 2018

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You know every aspect of the day-to-day processes and procedures that keep your business going and you have worked tirelessly to get it off the ground. And now all that hard work has paid off and it’s growing.

When it comes time to expand, it’s vital you maintain the excellent levels of performance your customers and clients have come to expect from you. In order to do this, it’s of paramount importance to you and your business that you hire the right person first time, rather than saddle yourself with staff who you have to monitor constantly. 

Make a good hire with these top seven tips for hiring great employees.

1. Reevaluate the position you want to fill

One of the personality traits of startups is that they are constantly shifting. As they develop, small businesses require different roles to be filled and people often have to be multiskilled, stepping in where needed. Take time to evaluate what you really need and write a detailed job description. This can include everything from education and experience required to personality traits, contacts in the industry and specific knowledge. Rather too much than too little.

2. Interview at least three people for the position

Even if you think you have found the perfect person for the job at the first interview, it’s helpful to measure them up against other applicants. The more people you interview, the more likely you will end up hiring the best person to fill the vacancy.

3. Interview candidates in different locations

People will behave differently in different environments. While the first, more formal interview usually sees an applicant on their best behaviour, things may change if they are interviewed at the coffee shop downstairs, for example.

4. Hire someone who believes in your company

It might seem obvious, but an employee who genuinely believes in what you do, or in the company’s product, will have no problem promoting the brand. You should be looking to hire your fans, who are ambitious and eager to be effective in the role.

5. Ask the right questions

Before the interview process begins, draw up a list of questions that cover all the bases. You want to know each candidate’s skills and goals, and encourage them to open up. Ask about their successes, as well as what they think about your company. This will help to establish whether they have done their research. Enquire about their hobbies and life outside the office – a well-rounded person is more productive and creative than those with nothing other than their career going for them.

6. Are they compatible?

Ideally you want to find employees who fit in and understand your company culture. Does the candidate have social skills and get along with people, especially with their current employees? This is a good question to ask the candidate’s references when you call them to follow up – and you should always call the references to follow up. It’s amazing what you will discover that the interviewee is unlikely to reveal.

7. Get social

There are a number of ways you can go about hiring good employees via social media. These days, large companies are utilising LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to track down and find employees. It’s also the perfect place to analyse a prospective employee’s social media presence and find out how they represent themselves.

8. Trust your instincts

You got this business off the ground by making the right decisions and trusting your gut. As a business owner that is often the best policy when it comes to hiring the right employees. The best person for the job will tick all the boxes. It is far easier to hire someone than to fire them, so if you have doubts about someone’s suitability, listen to that feeling rather than rush into making the incorrect decision.