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How your cleaning company can go green for less

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Posted on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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These days, more people than ever are concerned about how their lifestyles impact the environment.

A big part of this can come down to the things on your shopping list, including what you use to clean your home and workspace. This is seen in the increasing number of non-toxic cleaning products that are available now, for less money than in the past.


  1. What is ‘Green Cleaning’?

Green cleaning products are made from ingredients that are not harmful to the environment. A company promoted as eco-friendly cleaners will carefully check the ingredients of all the products they use, or even make their own from products that are both effective and harmless. It’s also important to remember it’s about more than just the products. All elements of the business should be environmentally-friendly as possible, from vehicles to the machinery used.


  1. Inexpensive startup

You can start a green cleaning company without spending lots of money. Your main expense will be the natural cleaning products and equipment. Shop around and choose carefully – your customers will be very aware of ingredients they don’t want to be used – that is why they come to you. Find products that are both environmentally-friendly and affordable, or learn how to make your own from low-priced ingredients. You will find many articles online about things that double-up as amazing cleaning products, that don’t harm the environment and don’t cost a fortune.


  1. Price your services carefully

Green cleaning products can be expensive, so clients may view an eco-friendly cleaning service as too pricey. Your business needs to make a profit, but you don’t want to scare clients away with high prices, so price your services carefully. You will most likely find that environmentally-conscious people are willing to pay a small amount extra for your services, as long as there’s a guarantee they are getting what you promise.


  1. Target market

Did you know that many businesses, hospitals and schools prefer to use all natural, environmentally-safe cleaning companies due to the health benefits? Normal products contain harmful chemicals, and the toxins can have a negative impact, especially on people whose health is poor. Spend some time learning more about ingredients so you can share your knowledge with potential clients.


The information contained in this article is for information purposes only and does not constitute professional advice.

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